XeTeX showcase

The following are a few examples of documents typeset using XeTeX, demonstrating its ability to work with Unicode text in many languages and scripts, and to use OpenType and AAT fonts with complex text layout features.

Clicking the preview image for each sample will access the typeset output in PDF format.

In some cases, TeX source is available for inspection, although it may require specific fonts or other resources in order to reproduce the typeset output exactly.

XeTeX source The traditional story.tex, typeset using the Zapfino font with Apple Advanced Typography features.
XeTeX source Slides from an introductory talk about XeTeX, including examples in various scripts and languages, using both AAT and OpenType fonts. (N.B. PDF file is 1.9 MB.)
source not available Extended-Latin text in an African language, typeset using the Gentium font to support all the Unicode characters required.
source not available A South Asian language written in the Nastaliq style of Arabic script, rendered using a complex OpenType font. (N.B. PDF file is 4.1 MB.)
XeTeX source A greeting card, showing use of Mac OS X fonts, color, graphics, and transformation specials.