WinEdt and TUG

WinEdt is a well-respected editor for Windows of long standing, with many features for (La)TeX documents in particular. See the WinEdt web site for trial downloads and more information.

WinEdt is shareware; TUG is happy to offer a discount on the registration fee to TUG members:

license type   TUG price   regular price
Commercial $80 $100
Educational $50 $60
Student $30 $40

If you're not a TUG member, you can join TUG via this separate page.

To order WinEdt licenses through TUG, click here. TUG gets a small share of each license fee, so you can support TUG by ordering here, as well as getting a discount.

Exact licensing information terms are available on the WinEdt web site. If you are still not sure which license type you need, please contact WinEdt support. If you have questions about this offer in general, contact the TUG office.

We'd like to thank the WinEdt team for making this possible. Also DANTE e.V. and NTG for advice and encouragement; they have also provided discounts on WinEdt to their members for years.

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