TUG' 99: Manuscript Preparation




TUG '99
TEX Online---Untangling the Web and Tex
August 15-19, 1999


Dear Speakers,

The macros that are available for download are in two formats: TeX and LaTeX2e (LaTeX choice).

We have provided a .ps and .pdf file for the documentation and the other files in each directory are the macros to be used for your paper. Please use the proceedings option/class depending on whether you are using TeX or LaTeX. Please use the following two lines in the preamble of your document to get the correct footer.


\def\pfoottext{{\smc Preprint}: 1999 \TUG\ Annual Meeting}

Please disregard the LaTeX instructions in the plain TeX documentation. This is for LaTeX2.09 and we want to use either plain TeX or LaTeX2e (which is available when you choose LaTeX).