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TUG'99 Post-Conference Bulletin

Welcome! This TUG99-web bulletin1 presents a review and some snapshots of a few of the events that took place at TUG'99, the 20th annual meeting and conference of the TEX Users Group on August 15-19, 1999 at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

TUG99TeX72-50p.jpg The bulletin pages are very photo-intensive and colorful and downloading may be slower than usual if you are not viewing them via ethernet connections or with the latest in high-speed modem technology.

In addition to the traditional three directional-arrow buttons (next, up, previous) in the navigation panel at the top (and bottom) of the page, some others have been added to these bulletin pages.

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Click here (or on the lion icons in the navigation panel above/below) to jump in and read the Frontpage. Enjoy!

TUG'99: TEX Online-- Untangling the Web and TEX


... bulletin1
Please note that this post-conference web site is a first for us--send us your comments and _constructive_ criticisms to help work through any difficulties which may come to mind.

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