Things you always wanted to know about Bachotek

Bachotek is a recreational facility of the Nicolaus Copernicus University at Toruń, Poland. It is located at the main road from Toruń towards Olsztyn, about 7 km after Brodnica, located at a small lake, surrounded by woods.

The facility consists of two dozen small huts and two common buildings. (Thanks to various BachoTeX participants with GPS trackers, you will even see their exact positions at OpenStreetMap.) The wooden huts have two stories: the lower floor has a two-bed sleeping room, kitchenette and bathroom with water toilet and shower; the upper floor has another two-bed sleeping room. One of the common buildings will be used as lecture hall, the other contains the dining room used for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is also a small shop that is open some hours per day and sells coffee, soft drinks and chocolate bars.

Since Bachotek is a recreational facility there are also some places that may be used for bonfires (and based on past experiences this will definitely happen), playing volleyball, and—depending on the temperatures—some participants of past BachoTeX conferences have used the lake for swimming. You may want to have a look at the Bachotek photo gallery provided by the university.

Since the number of beds at Bachotek is so limited, only a small fraction of the bedrooms may be available for single use. The majority of participants will have to share a bedroom with another participant, and you should think about whether you know another participant with whom you want to share your room, and tell us his/her name in the registration form (of course this person should wish to share the room with you, too).

Normally the temperatures in early May don't require heating of the huts, but the staff of the facility have managed to equip the huts with electrical heaters in years where the temperature was low. You should be aware that Bachotek isn't a hotel resort. No satellite tv, no in-room wifi. However, the local organizers have always managed to provide wifi access in and around the lecture room, but you shouldn't expect the bandwidth to allow streaming the latest episode of your favorite tv series (and trying to do so might make you unpopular with the other users of the Internet connection).

Since Bachotek is located in a rather isolated landscape, you will probably only see other TeXies and their accompanying persons during the conference (besides the staff of the facility).

If you want to see something outside Bachotek, there is Brodnica nearby. Though Brodnica isn't a big city, its city center is quite nice, and there are some old houses and remains of an old castle. Toruń is about an hour car ride and definitely worth a visit. Olsztyn is also nice and about 1.5 hrs by car towards the northeast.

If questions or concerns, feel free to ask.

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