TUG 2016 - Program & participants

Conference presentations: on the B1 level of the hotel (floorplan).

Breakfasts: on Saturday 7/23 and Sunday 7/24, a breakfast will be served for excursion-goers starting at 7:30am.
Monday through Thursday, breakfast will start at 6:30am.
No breakfast will be served on Friday.
All breakfasts, lunches, and breaks will be served in the immediate vicinity of our meeting room, level B1.

Schedule summary:


Monday, July 25

8:45amPavneet Arora Opening: Passport to the TeX canvas (slides)
9:30amGeoffrey Poore Advances in PythonTeX (slides)
10:00amStefan Kottwitz TeX in industry I: Programming Cisco network switches using TeX
10:45amStefan Kottwitz TeX in industry II: Designing converged network solutions
11:15amAmartyo Banerjee*, S.K. Venkatesan A Telegram bot for printing LaTeX files (slides)
11:45amFrank Mittelbach Alice goes floating—global optimized pagination including picture placements (slides+notes, standard LaTeX pagination, globally optimized pagination)
1:45pmbaseball rules summary: Michael Doob; purely optional! (slides)
2:00pmBoris Veytsman Making ACM LaTeX styles (slides)
2:30pmNorbert Preining Security improvements in the TeX Live Manager and installer (slides)
3:00pmArthur Reutenauer The TeX Live M sub-project, and open discussion (slides)
4:00pmKevin Larson Reading between the lines: Improving comprehension for students (slides)
5:35pmbaseball excursion walkers gather and depart Bond Place (more info)

Tuesday, July 26

8:30amKaveh Bazargan A graphical user interface for TikZ
9:00amMatthew Skala Astrological charts with horoscop and starfont (preprint, slides)
9:30amDavid Tulett Development of an e-textbook using LaTeX and PStricks (preprint)
10:00amChristian Gagné An Emacs-based writing workflow inspired by TeX and WEB, targeting the Web (demo pages)
10:45amBarbara Beeton, Frank Mittelbach In memoriam: Sebastian Rahtz (1955-2016)
10:55amJim Hefferon A LaTeX reference manual (slides)
11:15amArthur Reutenauer*, Mojca Miklavec Hyphenation past and future: hyph-utf8 and patgen (slides)
11:45amFederico Garcia-De Castro TeXcel?
12:15pmJennifer Claudio A brief reflection on TeX and end-user needs
12:45pmlunch - typeforming video (40min)
2:00pmSungmin Kim, Jaeyoung Choi*, Geunho Jeong MFCONFIG: Metafont plug-in module for the Freetype rasterizer (preprint, slides)
2:30pmMichael Sharpe New font offerings—Cochineal, Nimbus15 and LibertinusT1Math (slides)
3:15pmRobert Bringhurst The evolution of the Palatino tribe
4:15pmTUG Annual General Meeting (slides)
(post)Herbert Schulz Optional workshop: TeXShop tips & tricks
6:00pm Eliot's Bookshop can stay open for us beyond normal 7pm closing.
7:30pm informal dinner, Kaiju Toronto, 384 Yonge St. (menu) self-pay

Wednesday, July 27

8:30amJennifer Claudio The case for justified text
9:00amLeyla Akhmadeeva, Rinat Gizatullin, Boris Veytsman* (slides) Are justification and hyphenation good or bad for the reader?
9:30amCharles Bigelow Looking for legibility
10:45amDavid Walden Some notes on the history of digital typography
11:15amTim Inkster The beginning of my career
12:15pmlunch - road painting video (10min)
1:45pmgroup photo
2:00pmJoe Clark Type and tiles on the TTC
3:15pmAbdelouahad Bayar Towards an operational (La)TeX package supporting optical scaling of dynamic mathematical symbols (preprint, slides)
3:45pmMichael Cohen, Blanca Mancilla, John Plaice* Zebrackets: A score of years and delimiters (slides)
4:15pmCharles Bigelow Probably approximately not quite correct: Revise, repeat (slides)
6:00pm Type and Tile Tour, Joe Clark 3-5 subway stops with discussion of typesetting
7:00pminformal dinner, Jazz Bistro, 251 Victoria St. (menu) self-pay, self-travel; $10 separate ticket for music by blues artist Sue Foley (set starts at 8pm).

* = presenter


  1. Pavneet Arora, Bolton, ON
  2. Amartyo Banerjee, TNQ, India
  3. Abdelouahad Bayar, Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco
  4. Kaveh Bazargan, River Valley Technologies, UK
  5. Nelson Beebe, University of Utah
  6. Barbara Beeton, AMS
  7. Karl Berry, Bandon, OR
  8. Johannes Braams, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
  9. Jozo Capkun, Caledon, ON
  10. David Casperson, University of Northern British Columbia
  11. Jaeyoung Choi, Seoul, Korea
  12. Joe Clark, Toronto, ON
  13. Jennifer Claudio, Oak Grove High School
  14. Sue DeMeritt, Center for Communications Research, La Jolla, CA
  15. Mercedes Dollard, Pittsburgh, PA
  16. Michael Doob, University of Manitoba
  17. Behdad Esfahbod, Google
  18. Yukitoshi Fujimura, Ichikawa-shi, Japan
  19. Christian Gagné, Université Laval
  20. Federico Garcia-De Castro, Alia Musica Pittsburgh
  21. Peter Giunta, MIT
  22. John Goyo, Acton, ON
  23. Steve Grathwohl, Duke University Press
  24. Katie Harding, Dartmouth College
  25. Jim Hefferon, Saint Michael's College
  26. Tim Inkster, The Porcupine's Quill
  27. Steve Izma, Between The Lines Publishing
  28. John Eddie Kerr, Wellington Law Association Library
  29. Stefan Kottwitz, Lufthansa Industry Solutions
  30. Robin Laakso, TeX Users Group
  31. Richard Leigh, St Albans, UK
  32. Lothar Meyer-Lerbs, Bremen, Germany
  33. Frank Mittelbach, LaTeX3 Project
  34. T Rishikesan Nair, River Valley Technologies, India
  35. Kim Nesbitt, Canadian Journal of Economics
  36. Paulo Ney de Souza, BooksInBytes
  37. Steve Peter, TUG
  38. John Plaice, Montreal, Canada
  39. Cheryl Ponchin, Center for Communications Research, Princeton, NJ
  40. Geoffrey Poore, Union University, Tennessee
  41. Norbert Preining, Ishikawa, Japan
  42. C V Rajagopal, River Valley Technologies, India
  43. Arthur Reutenauer, Royal Opera House
  44. Volker RW Schaa, DANTE e.V.
  45. Herbert Schulz, Naperville, IL
  46. Heidi Sestrich, Carnegie Mellon University
  47. Michael Sharpe, UC San Diego
  48. A M Shanmugam Pillai, River Valley Technologies, India
  49. Keiichiro Shikano, Tokyo, Japan
  50. Matthew Skala, IT University of Copenhagen
  51. Michael Sofka, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  52. Christina Thiele, Nepean, ON
  53. David Tulett, Memorial University, Newfoundland
  54. Boris Veytsman, George Mason University
  55. David Walden, East Sandwich, MA
  56. Charles Bigelow (special guest), Bigelow & Holmes
  57. Robert Bringhurst (special guest), Quadra Island, BC
  58. Kevin Larson (special guest), Microsoft

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