16th Annual Meeting
July 24--28, 1995
St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

Real World TeX

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Conference Schedule

Monday, July 24, 1995

Morning: TeX Tools and Techniques

9:00--9:30 Welcome!
9:30--10:00 Jiri Zlatuska / When METAFONT Does It Alone
10:00--10:30Richard J Kinch /  METAFOG: Converting METAFONT Shapes to Contours
10:30--11:00Refreshment break
11:00--11:30 Alan Hoenig / Poetica: A Virtual Font Project
11:30--12:00 Bart Childs and Deborah Dunn /  Teaching CS/1 Courses in a Literate Manner
12:00--12:30 Wlodek Bzyl / Literate plain.tex Source is Available!
12:30--2:00 Lunch and Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

Afternoon: TeX Practical Workshops I

  2:00--2:30 (presented by Sebastian Rahtz)
                    PSTricks, the package to access almost all the power
                       of PostScript from within TeX
  2:30--3:30 Jerry Marsden
                    FASTEX ---Keyboard Shortcuts for TeX

  3:30--3:45 --- Refreshment break ---

  3:45--4:15 Dennis Kletzing
                    Multienumerate---Complicated List Handling
  4:15--5:00 Jon Stenerson
                    Scientific Word Style Sheets

  5:00--6:00 Gerard van Nes
                 Editors' workshop -- producing user group publications, part 1

Tuesday, July 25, 1995

Morning: TeX Past, Present and Future

  9:00--10:30 Donald Knuth
                    Question & Answer Session

 10:30--11:00 --- Refreshment break ---

 11.00--11.40 John Hobby
                    MetaPost Practical Demonstration
 11:40--12:40 Various Discussions
                    -- Omega, the 16-bit \TeX{ with sophisticated
                       input/output filters, with the complementary
                       Unicode font project
                    -- the NTS project, a projected replacement for TeX
                    -- the e-TeX extended TeX

 12:40--1:30 --- Lunch ---

Afternoon Free for an Exciting Outing!

Wednesday, July 26, 1995

Morning: Real World TeX

  9:00--9.30 Matthew Swift
                    Modularity in LaTeX
  9:30--10:00 Bart Wage
                    Real-World Electronic Journals Production at
                       Elsevier Science
 10:00--10:30 Gabriel Valiente Feruglio
                    Modern Catalan Typographical Conventions

 10:30--11:00 --- Refreshment break ---

 11:00--11:30 Petr Sojka
                    Notes on Compound Word Hyphenation in TeX
 11:30--12:00 Sebastian Rahtz
                    Another Look at LaTeX to SGML Conversion

 12:00--1:30 --- Lunch and Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions ---

Afternoon: TeX Standards

  1:30--2:30 Norm Walsh
                    The TeX Directory Structure Report, and discussion
                       of organising TeX distributions and archives
  2:30--3:45 Mike Sofka
                    Standards for \special Support in DVI Drivers
                 Art Ogawa
                    Proposals on Portable \special Commands

  3:45--4:00 --- Refreshment break ---

  4:00--5:00 T.V. Raman
                    TeX for the Disabled: a practical demonstration of
                    AsTeR, and a report from the Technical Working Group

  5:00--6:00 Gerard van Nes
                    Editors' workshop -- part 2
  7:00--9:00 --- Banquet ---

Thursday, July 27, 1995

Morning: Portable Document Futures

  9:00--9:30 T.V. Raman
                    An Audio View of LaTeX Documents --- part II
  9:30--10:00 Sebastian Rahtz and Yannis Haralambous
                    LaTeX, HTML and PDF, or the entry of TeX into the
                       world of hypertext
 10:00--10:30 Michel Goossens
                    Practical LaTeX2HTML

 10:30--11:00 --- Refreshment break ---

 11:00--11:30 Mark Doyle
                  The HyperTeX Approach to Publishing Academic Papers

 12:00--1:30 --- Lunch ---

Afternoon: TeX Practical Workshops II

  1:30--2:30 Wietse Dol\Windows
                    4AllTeX, the first (and only!) plug'n'play TeX
                       system for DOS on a CD, with unrivaled features
                       and fun
  2:30--3:30 Michel Goossens
                    An Introduction to SGML and HTML

  3:30--3:45 --- Refreshment break ---

  3:45--4:15 Chris Hamlin
                    Working with ReVTeX

  4:15--6:00 TeX Users Group Annual Meeting, and the chance to meet
                    the board members

Friday, July 28, 1995

Morning: TeX and Font Fun

  9.00--9.20 Jonathan Fine
                 New Perspectives in TeX Macros
  9:20--9:50 Sergey Lesenko
                 T1Part (Type1 Partial)
  9:50--10:30 Jeremy Gibbons
                 Dotted and Dashed Lines in METAFONT

 10:30--11:00 --- Refreshment break ---

 11:00--11.30 Robin Fairbairns
                 Using Adobe Multiple Master Fonts with TeX

 11:30 Closing Ceremonies, and Awarding of Prizes!

  2:00--4.30 Alan Hoenig

A Short Course on Virtual Fonts