Table of Contents

Table of Contents
 Troubleshooting  Q/A
Using the System
Calling Commands
 From LaTeX to HTML  Available Values for the Options  XHTML and Unicode  XHTML with MathML  OpenDocument, OpenOffice, and MS Word  DocBook and TEI  JavaHelp  Private Configuration Files  Creating Private Command Lines  An Insight into the Commands  A Deeper Insight  TeX, ConTeXt, and TeXi  Other Options  Validation  Recommendations
 Background  Recommendations  Low-Level Features  Sectioning and Tables of Contents  Tables  Lists and Environments  Pictures  Mathematical Formulas  Paragraphs  Cascade Style Sheets (CSS)  Fonts  Designing Virtual Hypertext Fonts  Scripts  Configurable Hooks  General Configuration Files
 TeX4ht Upgrading  A Setup for Unix Environments  A Setup for MS Windows  Establishing a Port  Placement of the Environment File  The Composition of tex4ht.env  Placement of the Bookkeeping File  Directories of the TeX Fonts Metric (tfm)  Compiling tex4ht.c  Compiling t4ht.c  Driving the Translation of Pictures and Other Tasks  The Translation Process  A Reflection at the System Messages  Directories for the Virtual Hypertext Fonts (htf)
Bug Reports

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