The teTeX Homepage

De-support notice

I (Thomas Esser) have decided not to make new releases of teTeX any more (May 2006). The information below might get out of date as time goes by. I suggest anybody interested in teTeX to join the TeX Live project.

teTeX is a complete TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems, maintained by me, Thomas Esser. It is based on the web2c distribution which is currently maintained by Olaf Weber.

My main aims when putting this distribution together have been:

The directory structure of teTeX is based on the TeX Directory Structure standard (TDS).


You need to download the files tetex-src.tar.gz and tetex-texmf.tar.gz. Downloading and installing the archive tetex-texmfsrc.tar.gz is recommended, but optional. The texmfsrc tarball contains the sources for some (really only some!) files in the texmf tarball. It is no replacement for the tetex-texmf tarball. The primary download sources are For a list of other mirror sites, please look at CTAN.sites.

Older releases are also available: historic teTeX releases.


For installation instructions, please consult the files QuickInstall or INSTALL (which are also contained in the tetex-src.tar.gz archive).

Getting started

The main entry point for teTeX documentation is the teTeX Documentation Guide which contains a lot of documentation about the packages included in teTeX, release notes, a search form for various TeX related information sources etc.

There is a lot of documentation contained in teTeX about various packages etc. The most teTeX specific documentation are:

Mailing lists

There are three mailing-lists about teTeX available at To subscribe, just send a mail containing one of the lines:
	subscribe tetex
	subscribe tetex-announce
	subscribe tetex-pretest