TeX's 25 Anniversary: A Commemorative Collection

For the occasion of TeX's 32nd anniversary, celebrated at the TUG 2010 conference, the TeX Users Group is pleased to publish a hardcover book of selected articles from the TUGboat archives by members of the original Stanford TeX project, entitled TeX's 25 Anniversary: A Commemorative Collection (Berry & Walden, eds., 108 pp., 7x10 hardcover, ISBN 0982462611, publication date June 30, 2010).

The book includes articles by:

Donald E. Knuth   David Fuchs John Hobby
Frank Liang Oren Patashnik Michael Plass
Tomas Rokicki Luis Trabb Pardo   Howard Trickey

A capsule description of each person's contributions to the TeX world is included. The book also includes a foreword by Barbara Beeton and many drawings by Duane Bibby, some especially commissioned for this anniversary.

A selection of pages from the book can be publicly viewed, and TUG members may access the full book online.

(A short report on the book preparation and an errata listing are also available if you're curious.)

For TeX user group members, including a joint member of TUG and another group, or another TeX user group, here are the prices in US dollars, including shipping (a 10% savings over the non-member prices):

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The book is also available from Amazon (TeX 25 Anniversary links: USA, UK, Germany) and other online booksellers, if you prefer to order that way.

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