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An Argument for Learning LaTeX: Benefits Beyond Typesetting

Evan J. Wessler


A friend introduced me to LaTeX, and after a short time I became a frequent user and enthusiastic proponent of this typesetting system. While there exists an abundance of pro-LaTeX literature, much of it is focused on comparing LaTeX to WYSIWYG editors and subsequently lambasting the latter. Here, I take a different approach in promoting LaTeX by shifting my focus toward recognizing several merits of learning this typesetting system. By citing personal examples, I argue for the benefits of learning LaTeX that arise apart from having the ability to typeset high quality documents.

Evan Wessler graduated from Bucknell University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology. While he finds biology most fascinating, he has many other interests which include astronomy, geology, physics, mathematics, history, and philosophy. He has used LaTeX for everything, from academic work to personal letters, for several years, and has grown to enjoy exploring LaTeX and promoting its merits as a hobby. In addition, Evan enjoys solving TeXnical problems by helping friends who use LaTeX to typeset their documents.

You can contact him by sending an email to

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