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Enhancing Command Completion for TeXShop

Herbert Schulz


LaTeX environments and commands are rather wordy markup. This markup makes the author's intentions clear but it is often difficult to remember how to use it. Using Command Completion, authors can write a few letters and trigger an expansion into complete environments and commands, along with guides to the use of their arguments. In this paper I present an enhancement to Command Completion in TeXShop that allows more consistent completions, and inclusion of short comments to help authors remember the order and contents of the arguments to those environments and commands.

I'm a retired Professor of Physics, having spent 32 years teaching at a Community College in the Chicago area. My experience using TeX started in the mid-1980s and I used it for all my paperwork, and especially for making exams. That doesn't mean I really have more than 20 years experience, since there was a period of time, during the mid to late 1990s, when I was attempting to use FrameMaker on the Mac. When FrameMaker was no longer being supported on the Mac, and OS X came along, it was only natural for me to switch back to TeX. I first used Gerben Weirda's re-distribution of teTeX with additions and then, finally, MacTeX. I've used many editors over the years but have settled on TeXShop for most of my work, because it is both easy to use and easily extensible with custom engines and other tools.

You can contact me by sending email to .

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