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Useful Vector Graphic Tools for LaTeX Users

Tomas Morales de Luna



This paper aims to present some useful tools for creating vector graphics that can be included in LaTeX documents. Among all the tools available, we focus on those that can produce graphics in an easy way, and that can include LaTeX formulas. In particular, we present here three useful tools: Xfig, LaTeXDraw, and Matplotlib. While the two first are intended to produce sketches and figures, the last is useful for producing graphs, charts, and contours.


Este artículo intenta presentar algunas herramientas útiles para la creación de gráficos vectoriales que puedan ser incluídos en los documentos LaTeX. Entre las distintas herramientas disponibles, nos centramos en aquellas que puedan generar gráficos de una forma fácil y que puedan incluír fórmulas de la misma forma en que se escribirían en un documento. En particular, presentamos tres herramientas: Xfig, LaTeXDraw, and Matplotlib. Mientras que las dos primeras están enfocadas a realizar diferentes bosquejos o dibujos, la última nos ayudará a producir gráficos y curvas de nivel.

Tomás Morales, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Universidad de Córdoba and a member of the research group EDANYA. He started using LaTeX some years ago when he began working on his Ph.D. thesis, and has continued using LaTeX extensively. He has found LaTeX essential for writing technical documents for publication in Applied Mathematics. He also uses uses LaTeX to produce slides for talks and conferences, and to write course notes, exercises, exams, and other documents for his students.

You can contact him at or by sending email to .

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