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Using LaTeX for Qualitative Data Analysis

Ivan Griffin and Ita Richardson


LaTeX, in addition to its typesetting role, has considerable potential as a tool to assist in workflow automation for Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) of collected research data.

Ivan Griffin is a Computer Engineer, responsible for a talented group of deeply embedded firmware developers in Frontier Silicon, a vendor of digital multimedia silicon. He is concluding his PhD at the University of Limerick.

Having last using LaTeX many years ago during his Masters, he is thrilled to have rediscovered it while writing his PhD thesis. He thoroughly enjoys hacking in TeX, LaTeX and TikZ. His new goal is to learn ConTeXt and luaTeX.

Dr. Ita Richardson is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, and The Research Area Leader for `Processes, Practice and Methods within Lero - the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre', at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

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