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Chemical structures with PPCHTeX

Alan Braslau


Chemical formulas and chemical structures can be included in a LaTeX or a ConTeXt document easily using the PPCHTeX macros. We present here a simple introduction to their use. Additionally, a more extensive tutorial is available in the documentation of the package.

The author is a researcher at the French Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique at Saclay, working in the field of fundamental research in condensed-matter physics. I study beautiful single-crystals of solid helium at very low temperatures as well as the mysteries of life through the biophysics of DNA.

I started typesetting before the development of TeX, even before the invention of laser printers, starting with nroff/troff. I then (reluctantly at first) switched to TeX, and then to LaTeX. In particular, I used the RevTeX macros, developed by the American Physical Society as a submission standard for many physics journals. In recent years, I have completely converted to using ConTeXt for my daily work and presentations, though I still sometimes use RevTeX for official submissions to many scientific journals. I am currently trying to finish work on a very long book (written in both French and English and typeset using ConTeXt) on Liquid Crystal polymorphism as studied by X-ray diffraction.

I own a 1957 Massy-Harris tractor that I use to cut hay, and commute 50 km to work daily by bicycle.

You can contact me by sending an email to .

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