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Editor selections from TPJ 2004-2008

Yuri Robbers

Best of PracTeX 2004–2008

Choices of Yuri Robbers

This article by TPJ editor Paul Blaga describes the tools we use to compose this journal. I'm sure many people van benefit from this. There's obviously a lot of interest in the creation of web-based journals, but the same techniques can be applied to just about any cooperative writing effort.

PracTeX Journal: Making an Electronic Journal with web tools, Wiki and version control

Joe Hogg wrote a nice little article on how to compose a booklet, including details on cutting and binding it. This is the paper that originally made me aware of the existence of TPJ: I needed an A5-sized booklet, I wanted it made in LaTeX, and I searched the web. I still use the techniques described by Joe Hogg frequently.

Making a booklet

Adam Lindsay shows how to load OpenType fonts into the ConTeXt formatting system.

OpenType installation basics for ConTeXt

The article shows how to work with and reconfigure page styles, using the versatile memoir package. Ever since I discovered memoir I have been duly impressed with it. It's still my main means of creating my own page styles, and I've used it extensively.

Page styles on steroids or memoir makes page styling  easy

The following 'Best of' article was written by me. Just so you don't get the impression that I'm self-serving in picking my own article, several colleagues encouraged me to include it. I hope you enjoy reading it again.

Creating Book Covers using PStricks

This piece by Didier Verna describes his CurVe package, which formats a CV. I'm so impressed with the ease of use and the beautiful output of this package that maintaining my CV has finally become a pleasant diversion rathe rthan a chore. This paper is well-written and explains more thane nough to get you started.

LaTeX curricula vitae with the CurVe class

Ista Zahn shows how to configure an environment, called Sweave, to integrate using a text editor and LaTeX to write articles for the APA Journal (American Psychological Association). I use the combination of R and LaTeX a lot for my scientific work. This paper is what I used to get it all working for me. And even though I do not use the APA style myself, I'm actually glad Ista Zahn chose that example, because it may encourage some people to try LaTeX who migth otherwise have thought that the TeX typesetting system had nothign to offer them. Also, few styles aren't implemented as easily as or even easier than the APA style when you want to use the techniques described in this paper.

Learning to Sweave in APA style

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