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Editor selections from TPJ 2004-2008

Francisco Reinaldo

Best of PracTeX 2004–2008

Choices of Francisco Reinaldo

In this article, Paul Blaga presents some problems related to learning LaTeX, and suggests ways to turn these problems into learning opportunities.

Teaching LaTeX: Why and How?

This article presents an easy way for logicians to use turnstile signs, rather than using hand drawn symbols.

A Tool for Logicians

This article presents a way to keep document source changes up-to-date. This is especially useful for collaborative writing.

Version Control of LaTeX Documents with svn-multi

LaTeX users are certainly convinced of its usefulness. But what about those who don't use it? This article is for LaTeX users' colleagues who do not use it, and uses examples to show that it is not that hard to use.

LaTeX for academics and researchers who (think they) don't need it

This article recommends that students learn to use a document markup system, like LaTeX, early in their academic years. The skills they learn will serve them throughout their careers.

Why should a college student use LaTeX?

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