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From the Editor: In this issue; Next issue: LaTeX Work Bench; Editorial: Best of PracTeX: 2004-2008

Paul Blaga

In this issue
Next issue: LaTeX Work Bench
Editorial: Best of PracTeX

In this issue

This fourth issue of 2008 of  PracTeX includes a selection of some of the most interesting papers published in the journal, from its beginning in 2004 through 2008. Each editor selected a few articles thought to be the best from that period..

A note about the missing issues for 2009: The editors took the year 2009 off, and there will be no issues 2009-1 through 2009-4. We also decided to change from four issues per year to just two.

Thank you and enjoy this issue!

Paul Blaga

Next issue

Theme: LaTeX Work Bench
Editor: Francisco Reinaldo

The next issue of  PracTeX will bear the number 2010-1 and it will appear soon.

The scope of the issue includes, but is not limited to :
- tools that assist the students/authors in preparing
   graphics, indexes, bibliographies, and other parts of documents;
- text manipulation tools;
- tutorials;
- short videos;
- free or almost free tools;
- cross-platform tools.

If you would like to write an article for the Journal send your idea or outline to the editors.


Many people have collaborated directly or indirectly to the success of this electronic journal: the authors, particularly the ones who have worked with me in the revision process, the production editors, and the readers. They have discussed with me, suggesting all kinds of topics or helped me in the revision.

Thanks to all the production editors, and to others who proofread the articles and provided useful comments and feedback.

Many thanks also to the reviewers and proofreaders who checked the articles and sent comments and corrections.

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