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Editor selections from TPJ 2004-2008

Paul Blaga

Best of PracTeX 2004–2008

Choices of Paul Blaga.

Andrew Mertz and William Slough: Graphics with PGF and TikZ

The PGF/TikZ bundle contains great tools for producing graphics with LaTeX. Unfortunately, the packages are not widely known, so far, at least as compared to other tools, like PSTricks, for instance. In addition, the only comprehensive documentation is, alas, too comprehensive. Therefore I welcome this short and well written overview of some of the most interesting features of the bundle.

Lapo Mori: Tables in LaTeX2e: Packages and Methods

Producing tabular material in LaTeX is far from easy. Producing the best quality material is even more difficult. This is an excellent introduction to the main environments and packages for achieving these goals. Some lesser known packages are described and many examples are included.

Peter Flynn: Rolling your own Document Class: Using LaTeX to keep away from the Dark Side

Many people try to understand the inner machinery of LaTeX class and package files. Peter Flynn's article is the best place to start.

Lapo Mori and Maurizio Himmelmann: Writing the curriculum vitæ with LaTeX

This is another gem from Lapo, this time written with Maurizio Himmelmann. It is a survey of the main LaTeX solutions for writing a curriculum vitae. Ideal for anyone looking for the best tools in the business.

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