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News from Around:
What is New in LaTeX; User group news — three print journal releases

The Editors

What is New in LaTeX?

George Grätzer, the author of More Math Into LaTeX, wrote two articles for the Notices of the American Mathematical Society called What is New in LaTeX (Parts I and II). Look for these in the early 2009 issues.

User group news

Gianluca Pignalberi recently announced that the Italian TeX Users (GuIT) released their print journal, Ars TeXnica, Number 6 (in Italian and English). For a table of contents or to order a copy, visit their site.

Taco Hoekwater recently announced that the Dutch TeX Users (NTG) just released the printed issue #37 (90pp) of MAPS, their online and print journal (in Dutch and English).

Thierry Bouche of GUTenberg (French-speaking TeX Users) announced that the print version of their journal Cahiers GUTenberg #50 is at the printer and should be ready soon. Thierry notes it has a Zen-like Table of Contents: it contains a 2-page editorial by Thierry and an 83-page guide to TikZ by Yves Soulet.

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