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Go Game Positions with METAPOST

Wentao Zheng


This article introduces a method of drawing Go game positions with MetaPost. It begins with how the Go game is modeled in the MetaPost language, then explains the detailed implementation, and ends with some examples of Go game positions.

Wentao Zheng is a researcher at the IBM China Research Laboratory. His research interests are focused on interactive graphics and visualization. You can reach him at zheng url

Date: 06/17/2008

IBM assents to the assignment of any copyright ownership that IBM may have in the employee-written material in the compilation of the work:

Go game positions with Metapost

by: Wen Tao Zheng

to the publisher of: PracTeX Journal

This assent is contingent on the publication of the work by the publisher identified above. IBM and the author shall each have the royalty-free right in any work incorporating the material on which IBM assented to an assignment of copyright, to make and distribute (1) abstracts of the work to a selected listing of the scientific community prior to publication by the publisher, (2) copies of the work and its derivatives for IBM internal purposes prior to or after publication by the publisher, and (3) individual copies to members of the scientific community outside of IBM in response to specific requests or for peer communication.

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