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TUG2008; User group news; Math font videos

The Editors

International TUG Meeting

TUG 2008 was held in Cork, Ireland July 20-24. The conference offered technical presentations, LaTeX workshops, and, of course, a whiskey tasting. Multimedia presentations from the conference are available courtesy of River Valley Technologies.

User group news

Editor Apostolos Syropoulos announced that the Greek TeX Friends released the latest online issue of their journal, Eutypon.

The latest issue of The Asian Journal of TeX (AJT), vol.2, no.1, is available online. This is published by the Korean TeX Society headed by Jin-Hwan Cho.

The Italian TeX Users (GuIT) released their print journal, Ars TeXnica, Number 5. To order a copy, which comes with a plastic pica ruler, visit their site. GuIT will be holding their annual meeting in Pisa on October 18, 2008 in Pisa.

The German TeX Users (DANTE) just released the latest issue (60pp) of Die TeXnische Komödie. Their fall conference will be held on September 13, 2008 at Tübingen University.

Math font videos

PCTeX recently produced three videos by Michael Spivak on the development and features of MathTime fonts. He has spent over 20 years developing these popular fonts, and describes the improvements over traditional math fonts.

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