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A new package for conference proceedings

Vincent Verfaille


The new confproc package is a simple and efficient solution to build conference proceedings. Built from scripts developed for the DAFx-06 proceedings, it deals with various aspects: layout issues, table of contents, index of authors, maybe a general bibliography, etc. It combines the pdfpages package (to include PDF papers), the hyperref package (to provide hyper-links) plus other packages; and it runs pdfLaTeX.

Vincent is a post-doctoral student in Music Technology at McGill University. He first enthusiastically used LaTeX during his engineering studies in Applied Mathematics in 1995 to produce a technical report. During his PhD in Mathematics, Acoustics and Computer Science Applied to Music (ATIAM), his experience of LaTeX convinced him that "learning a new LaTeX package every day keeps the doctor away". The post-doc experience, and the co-organization of a conference, changed it into "writing a LaTeX package once keeps you away from writing another one"! Contact him at: vincent [@at@] music [.dot.] mcgill [.dot.] ca

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