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Using LaTeX for writing a thesis

Vishal Kumar


LaTeX has been successfully used for typesetting widely different document format. However, the complexity of typesetting some commonly used documents, normally acts as a deterrent for various people, who would like to use LaTeX for their work. Over the years, I have noticed that students who come to LaTeX, eager in their anticipation of using LaTeX, loose their enthusiasm, midway, and revert back to using MS Word. In this article, I have tried to described my own experiences of typesetting a doctoral thesis using widely available packages; in the hope that students can see the the ease with which LaTeX can be used for complex work.

Rohit Vishal Kumar: is working as Assistant Professor (Reader) in the Department of Marketing at Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi . He did his Ph.D. from University of Calcutta in the area of business management. He did his master in Economics from JNU, New Delhi and subsequently his MBA from Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management (IISWBM), Kolkata. He worked for three years in various market research organizations and then joined academics. His research areas are in the evolving field of consumer behaviour in the Indian context and multivariate and econometric techniques. He also has a deep interest in computing and in free and open source software - which he promotes whenever he gets the time. He is an avid LaTeX user, and his work "Making Friends with LaTeX" is available from CTAN. You can reach Vishal at

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