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The ctable package

Wybo Dekker


The ctable package provides a ctable command for the typesetting of table and figure floats. You will not need to type the usual nested begin...end sequences, as ctable is a command, not an environment. ctable has only 4 arguments, but the optional first one may hold many key=value pairs and makes ctable very flexible and extensible. It uses Simon Fear's booktabs package for better vertical spacing around horizontal rules and it provides facilities for making table footnotes.

Wybo Dekker:, is a retired organic and analytical chemist. He ran an Analytical Chemistry Research Consultancy for 16 years where he did all documentation (research reports, books, administration) in LaTeX. He has served as the treasurer of the NTG, the Dutch TeX Usergroup, since 1997. He maintains the Electronic LUG Database:

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