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The beginner's forest of LaTeX

Theresa Song Loong


Images kept floating away, and keeping the style within one project both beautiful and consistent took up a lot of time. I have never been really content with a word processor. For a large project containing lots of math formulas, I assumed learning to use LaTeX would take as much time as trying to input the maths in a word processor. The final result was beautiful, but I was very wrong about how much time it would consume: using Greek fonts, making tables, using some packages, and trying to solve issues by reading incomprehensible package documentation (some of which didn't even explain how to use the package, only how it was coded) were very time-consuming indeed.

Theresa is an undergraduate student in Political Science at the Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. She started using LaTeX in 2006, when she edited a report, using a certain word processor, with someone who saw her going throug a lot of pain and horror and subsequently introduced her to LaTeX. She felt right at home with LaTeX's separation of semantical and presentational markup, but struggled with memorising the many commands and packages available. Contact her at

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