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Subversion and TextMate: Making collaboration easier for LaTeX users

Charilaos Skiadas, Thomas Kjosmoen and Mark Eli Kalderon


This article focuses on the Subversion version control system, and in particular its integration into the TextMate text editor. TextMate is a text editor, for the Mac OS X operating system, that has excellent support for working with LaTeX documents and projects, and its seamless Subversion integration makes it very easy to add version control to your workflow.

Version control systems have been used by computer programmers for many years for work on projects involving multiple authors. They have been invaluable in keeping track of the contributions of each party to the project, the changes that took place and when they happened, and so on. Subversion is one of the most popular version control systems today, and it is integrated into many text editors and online collaboration sites.

Charilaos (Haris) Skiadas is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Hanover College, and has been using LaTeX for all his writing ever since he found out about it ten years ago. For the last two years he has been very actively involved in the development of the LaTeX support for the TextMate text editor, one of the popular text editors for the Mac OS X operating system. His blog ( ) contains a lot of information and screencasts related to LaTeX in TextMate.

Thomas Kjosmoen is a PhD candidate in the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at the University of Stavanger, Norway, where he works on bioinformatics and genomic signal processing. Ever since he discovered LaTeX about four years ago, it has filled most of his document needs. He particularly appreciates the open nature of the LaTeX documents and the fact that it makes them easy to keep under version control." Homepage:

I am Mark Eli Kalderon. I am an analytic philosopher teaching at University College London. I am also the current editor of the Aristotelian Society. I received my PhD from Princeton in 1995. I have taught at University of California Riverside, Princeton, UCLA, and Caltech. According to the present deformation professionnelle my work is in M&E (metaphysics and epistemology). My current research concerns color, consciousness, and metaethics.

You can reach Haris at , Thomas at and Mark at

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