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ACIDE: An Integrated Development Environment Configurable for LaTeX

Fernando Sáenz-Pérez


This article introduces the configurable integrated development environment ACIDE, which is an ongoing development project currently in alpha status. It is cross-platform, open-source, and free, and will be distributed under GPL. Although targeted to any programming language environment, including compilers, interpreters, and database systems, in particular it is well-suited to tasks required for LaTeX and TeX document preparation systems. It manages projects, is useful in dealing with multifile documents, allows configurable menus, has a toolbar for executing commands and lexical tokens for syntax colouring, and even grammars to identify programming (syntactical) errors on the fly.

Fernando Sáenz-Pérez writes: I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Complutense University in Madrid (Spain). LaTeX was almost my first choice (after Chi-Writer) for writing technical documents on a workstation, when PCs were first introduced. Since then, I have used this document preparation system for writing papers, articles, books, slides, and my PhD thesis. My research interests include declarative programming (logic, functional, constraint programming), (deductive) databases, and natural language processing (ontologies). Other interests include videogames — I am involved in teaching in the class "Developing Videogames", and have developed an 80's videogame. I have been in close contact with companies in developing software for many years, and find this provides useful feedback from the real world as we continue to do university research. You may contact me at

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