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News from Around:
     Upcoming conferences in Pisa and Cluj (Romania);
     LaTeX workshop in Berkeley

The Editors

Upcoming events

Transylvania TeX Conference  September 1-2, 2007
LaTeX workshops in Berkeley  October 12, 2007
Italian TeX User Meeting  October 13, 2007

GuIT logoPisa view

The Italian TeX Users (GuIT) will be holding their annual GuIT Meeting on October 13, 2007 in Pisa. See the conference site for details. For a description of last year's well-attended meeting see the report by Onofrio de Bari.

(Recently, GuIT published the third annual issue of their journal, Ars TeXnica. Contact GuIT to order a copy of this nicely typeset journal (in Italian).)

Cluj, Romania

The Transylvania TeX Conference, and the founding meeting of the Romanian TeX Users (GROTeX), will be held September 1-2, 2007. The organizers are Paul Blaga, Zoltan Kasa and Horia Pop of the BABEŞ-BOLYAI University in Cluj, Romania. More details available at the conference site. This is a great opportunity to meet with knowledgable TeX and LaTeX users, and to visit this exotic and beautiful part of Europe.

UC Berkeley

LaTeX workshops in Berkeley A LaTeX workshop will be held October 12, 2007 at the UC Faculty Club on the University of California, Berkeley campus. This event is sponsored by PCTeX; while we prefer attendees use a PCTeX system it will be open to users of all TeX systems. The presenters are: Paulo Ney de Souza, David Auslander, and Richard Cottle. Each is an experienced teacher and LaTeX user. The topics covered will be: Introduction to LaTeX, Document structure, LaTeX graphics and tables, and Typesetting Math. The workshops will be recorded and made available for viewing later. Please see workshop information for more details.

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