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Tools for creating bibliographic databases for use with BibTeX

Duvvuri Venugopal


By using BibTeX we can easily change the style of Bibliography/References according to the style of the journal. But creating bibliographic databases for use with BibTeX is very cumbersome. This article describes the various software tools available for creating bibliographic databases easily, particularly for the Windows platform.

Mr. Venugopal, a secretarial assistant by profession, fell in love with TeX, LaTeX in the year 2000. A former admirer of WordPerfect, his first encounter with TeX, LaTeX was as a result of a challenge from a colleague. His hobbies are exploring various TeX packages, experimenting with Omega/Lambda, MetaPost and MetaFont, and teaching and/or explaining the advantages of TeX, LaTeX over word processors. From time to time he conducts LaTeX training for research scholars in Banaras Hindu University. He has contributed three articles to TPJ. You can reach Mr. Venugopal at

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