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A Tool for Logicians

Arthur Buchsbaum and Francisco Reinaldo


Among other uses, the turnstile sign is used by logicians for denoting a consequence relation, related to a given logic, between collections of formulas and formulas. Many logicians have complaint the lack of a LaTeX routine for issuing turnstile signs in a way better than it is provided by standard LaTeX, in any of the forms it could arise. The turnstile package accomplishes that and learning how to use it is very easy.

Arthur Buchsbaum is an Associate Professor of Logic and Discrete Mathematics of Department of Informatics and Statistics of Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. He started using LaTeX in 1992, and gradually realized how important is this language for composing well structured papers and books. He loves Logic not only as an academic activity, but mainly as a powerful tool for learning how to think about everything in a precise way, which helps to get free from preconceived ideas. Visit Arthur’s professional site in

Reinaldo's degree, latu sensu degree, master degree and PhD degree(in course) are in Computer Science. He is currently professor of electrical engineering and of computer science at the UnilesteMG/Brazil. At UnilesteMG he co-founded the Computational Intelligence Laboratory, and he is member of several projects involving Artificial Intelligence in Brazil and Portugal. Basically, his research has led to both theoretical and practical advances in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, neural networks, and behaviour-based approach. He has made major contributions in the domains of symbolic and connectionist learning. He has also been involved with many studies of advanced technologies for Multi Strategy Leaning Systems.

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