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From the Readers


Hi, I'm glad that I discovered your wonderful PracTeX Journal; I've really enjoyed reading a handful of articles from your archives. But I've noticed that some of them seem not to have been run through LaTeX enough times, because some of the references are rendered as "??". The last one I noticed was, where none of the figure references are resolved (not convenient, because this paper is all about figures).

 Lee Phillips

[Dear Lee,  We are glad  that our journal is useful to you. Thank you for letting us know about the little problem with the article of Mertz and Slough. We corrected it already, as you can see for yourself. We're sorry about that and please tell us anytime you notice something odd. -- The Editors]


An excellent article about how to use PSTricks to make book covers Here is something I found while trying the examples in the article, and my LaTeX version (TeXnicCenter) was complaining about the missing package pst-char. Since November 2006 the package pst-char is included in pst-text. I went to the PSTricks homepage, and in the news section there was a comment about this update.

Cheers guys. Keep on.
Nuno Loureiro Ferreira


Greetings Lapo Filippo Mori and Editors,

In the PracTeX Journal I would appreciate articles on progress in making TeX and LaTeX use Universal code so that owners of the new Mac/Intel computers feel more welcome. I expect that Apple will drop Rossetta within a short time.

I and others need a great simplification of the route to LaTeX. For example, ready to run packages for innocent users who have a Mac Mini and a printer. Later, after some use, we may seek more complex systems.

Murray A Thompson (retired professor)
New Zealand

[Dear Murray, Thanks for the suggested articles. We will try to find authors. If you would like to contribute a note or article on your experiences please let us know. - The Editors]

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