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Demystifying LaTeX bibliographies

S. Parthasarathy

In this essay, we will try to explore and explain the vexed problem of including bibliographic references in LaTeX documents (reports, papers, theses etc.). There is a huge plethora of literature on this subject. Infortunately, these materials are focused on LaTeX's experts, which is driven to a developer's point of view level. This current paper will examine bibliographies for common user's point of view, trying to pass by only the essentials of this very vast and involved bibliographic topic. The author hopes that this paper will make LaTeX, enjoyable for more people.

Parthasarathy teaches discrete mathematics to undergraduate Computer Science students, at Hyderabad, India. He has branched into full-time teaching after a 25-year stint in the software industry. His association with LaTeX started in 1993, at the United Nations University, International Institute of Software Technology, Macau, where he worked with Prof. Dines Bjorner. His website will give more specific details about him.

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