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News from Around:
     Upcoming conferences in Pisa and Cluj (Romania);
     LaTeX tutorial days in London, San Francisco;
     New release of LaTeXDraw

The Editors

Upcoming conferences

GuIT logoPisa view

The Italian TeX Users (GuIT) will be holding their annual GuIT Meeting on October 13, 2007 in Pisa. See the conference site for details. For a description of last year's well-attended meeting see the report by Onofrio de Bari.

(Recently, GuIT published the third annual issue of their journal, Ars TeXnica. Contact GuIT to order a copy of this nicely typeset journal (in Italian).)

Cluj, Romania

The Transylvania TeX Conference, and the founding meeting of the Romanian TeX Users (GROTeX), will be held September 1-2, 2007. The organizers are Paul Blaga, Zoltan Kasa and Horia Pop of the BABEŞ-BOLYAI University in Cluj, Romania. More details available at the conference site. This is a great opportunity to meet with knowledgable TeX and LaTeX users, and to visit this exotic and beautiful part of Europe.

TUG 2007 logoSan Diego harborKiller whales

Rub shoulders with TeX power-users from around the world at TUG 2007 in San Diego, July 17-20, 2007. The keynote speaker is Peter Wilson, author of the memoir documentclass and other packages. For more information see the conference site.

LaTeX tutorial days

LaTeX tutorials will be held this fall in London and San Francisco. Each tutorial day will start with a LaTeX introduction, followed by a session where users of all levels can improve their skills. The presenters are experienced LaTeX teachers and users. The tutorials will be streamed for real-time viewing and also available for viewing later. Those interested in attending the tutorials or viewing the videos can contact PCTeX for more details.

Article update

Juergen Fenn's article Managing Citations and Your Bibliography with BibTeX in issue 2006-4 has been updated to correct some urls.

New Release

A new version (1.92) of the LaTeXDraw program, a Java GUI interface for PSTricks has been released very recently (30 May 2007). Details can be found on the web page of the project.

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