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LaTeX and the different bibliography styles

Federico Garcia


Although I chose `style' for the title of this article, it is perhaps best to specify right away that the article is not devoted to styles of formatting entries in a final bibliography list (i.e., a `style' in BibTeX  terms, as defined by the.bst  file). Rather, we will be looking at the different types of in-text citation: citation by footnote, by parenthesis labels, or by brackets. The citation style admittedly determines certain aspects of the entry-formatting style, but the two things are pretty much independent, and an article such as this one can focus on only one of them.

Federico Garcia is a composer, chess player, and lover of TeX. He has collaborated with his uncle Rodrigo De Castro in several Spanish-language books on TeX and LaTeX. Since moving to Pittsburgh in the US in 2001, he has written a number of packages, including opcit, TeXmate, and subfiles. Visit Federico at

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