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Distractions — From Shakespeare, with Love

The Editors

Greensleeves with LaTeX

Daniel Taupin, a physicists, which was also a musician and a TeX expert, created, in the ninetieth, an excellent package for typesetting polyphonic music with TeX (and afterewards LaTeX). Several other people join the project and the result is the package known as MusiXTeX, available from CTAN. Unfortunately, the package is nost as well known as it would deserve, in spite of the very fine results it produces. We decided, therefore, to choose this package for our Distractions column and to provide an example, in the hope that people will be interested. We chose for exemplification, one of the best known peice of Renaissance music, the English traditional Greensleeves, which is presented her in the guitar transcription.

Here is the pdf version of the song:


as well the source.

We would like to mention that the actual processing of the source has three steps:
  • The file is processed first with LaTeX;
  • The executable musixflx, lying in the same directory with MusiXTeX and which takes as argument the name of the file (withiout extension) has to be run;
  • The source is processed once more with LaTeX.


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