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Creating book covers with PSTricks

Yuri Robbers and Annemarie Skjold


The title and the cover of the book are the very first impressions a potential reader is likely to get from a book. It is therefore of utmost importance to make sure these impressions are good ones. This paper will give some general notes on cover design, and some specific notes on implementing such designs using PSTricks.

Yuri Robbers holds a degree in Animal Behaviour and is a teacher, a researcher and a published author. He's always had a keen interest in typography, possibly because his father is a professional typographer. Ever since he discovered LaTeX in 1995, he's always done his best to avoid using word processors, and he has embarked on a quest to learn as much as possible about TeX and its derivatives and to apply this knowledge whenever possible. Contact him at

Danish author Annemarie Skjold has a background in architecture, set design, and journalism. Currently residing in Holland, she is co-director of a small independent publishing company, where she is chief designer. Skjold writes freelance articles, short stories and has published two novels. She illustrates her own work. Contact her at

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