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Create Trees and Figures in Graph Theory with PSTricks

Manjusha S. Joshi


Drawing trees and figures in the mathematical area of graph theory is a requirement for researchers and teachers. This includes loops, arcs, nodes, and weights for edges. This article aims to get started with PSTricks by keeping two commands in mind, viz. pstree and psmatrix. Using the most useful options of these commands the reader can draw tree diagrams, loops, node labels, and add weights to edges. Once the diagrams are completed they can be added to a TeX file. With a little working knowledge about drawing figures in graph theory the reader can then produce his or her own.

Manjusha Joshi has an M.Sc. in Mathematics and M.Phil in 'Bezier Curves and its applications' from the University of Pune.

She has been working at Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana ( for 9 years, as editorial assistant for 'Bona Mathematica', Journal for Mathematics, using LaTeX for typesetting. Recently, she began a position as a visiting faculty member.

She has attended two TUG meetings and is member of the Indian TeX User Group (TUG), Pune LUG.

Manjusha is a free software enthusiast and strongly believes that free mathematical software is useful in popularizing mathematics among students. She has a special interest in Computational Mathematics, Computer Graphics, and the promotion of free software.

Contact her at .

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