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Book Review: A. Syropoulos et al., Digital Typography Using LaTeX

Dimitrios Filippou


The book Digital Typography Using LaTeX was published by Springer-Verlag in 2002, but has been mostly ignored by the LaTeX community. However, Syropoulos and his co-authors have put lots of effort in creating a very good guide for the novice and the aspiring TeXnician. Despite some objections on how the book is structured, it can be said that Digital Typography Using LaTeX is a very good, if not excellent, everyday guide for producing beautiful documents.

Dimitrios Filippou, mining and metallurgical engineer (Dipl. Eng., Ph.D.), is an amateur but loyal TeX/LaTeX user since 1991. He is an active member of the Greek TeX Friends, and he has contributed considerably in the creation of hyphenation patterns for Ancient and Modern Greek. He can be contacted at

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