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Whole Issue PDF for PracTeX Journal 2006-3

The Editors


The whole issue provided here is done in a very quick-and-dirty fashion, by using Adobe Acrobat to create PDFs from our journal website pages and then merging all the website page PDFs with whatever PDFs we have from articles. What look like links probably won't work (but maybe they will in some cases). We have only included the PDFs of papers themselves and not the PDFs of examples that papers may refer to. We hope this crude approach helps those of you who have asked for a whole-issue PDF without offending those of you who might wish this whole-issue PDF was a lot more sophisticated effort (the latter would be too much work for our current volunteer staff to undertake). If you see a big error in the whole-issue PDF (like papers out of order), please let us know. (We don't know why the PracTeX06 report came out in a smaller font -- one of the mysteries of using Acrobat.)

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