Cryptic Crossword*

by Bob Newell**


6Mrs. Malaprop, on entering, conceals booster (9)
7Some bureaucrat typesetting is ragged (5)
8Name, for example, is not a positive quality (3)
9Gave a value to collection (3)
11Hot betting odds set table rules (5)
13Widespread former cookware upset vise (9)


1Clamped down on Old Petrograd; ironed it out (9)
2Source of type (4)
3Many an imitation of complex music (9)
4Backing off, key nurse provides pleasant space (4)
5A buck, gee, and confused deer stumbled (9)
10Kind of printing (4)
12Start shortly in thin italics (4)


*If you're not familiar with this type of puzzle, see this cryptic crossword explanation.

**assisted by Arthur J. O'Dwyer, Dave Morris, Joy Morris, and Lance Carnes

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