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From Readers

I'm very surprised that George Williams' `fontforge' editor isn't mentioned in the `Font Development Tools' section [Riggs]. Other tools like Just van Rossum's `TTX' or even Microsoft's `VOLT' are missing too. Adobe's Font Development Kit should also be in this list, and probably a few other important tools also.

Werner Lemberg


Intrigued by the article by Tamye Riggs, I followed the link to "Microsoft Typography Foundry List" from which I did a search for one of Microsoft's most popular faces, "Verdana". Their search engine returned "Channel Verdana" as the first hit, from which I followed the link inviting me to "download the Verdana family" href=" At which point, Microsoft kindly told me

"We're sorry, but there is no Web page that matches your entry."

Wonderful. When will Microsoft get their internal links in order? :-(((((

(Yes, I know about the copyright issues : a shame Microsoft didn't, when they first offered Verdana/Tahoma/Trebuchet MS/Georgia for free download ...).

Philip Taylor


[Whole issue] Thanks, issue is beautiful, interesting and helpful. One nit, why don't my links work?

Very good job,
John Dickinson

[Editor and web site maintainer David Walden has made two "whole issue" PDF versions available, one with links and one without. -Ed.]



Hong Feng
Chinese TeX Users Group


On your web page it says that the next issue of PracTeX Journal is due out approx May 1, 2006. As it is now May 15, do you have a revised release date? I'm looking forward to reading it, and am chomping at the bit.

Mark Stephenson
New Zealand

[Did we say May 1? Hope you enjoy this issue, Mark. -Ed.]


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