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Repeat contest: Win MathTime Pro 2 fonts!

Sudoku ABC

These puzzles are similar to regular sudokus except they use letters instead of numbers. Using the nine letters in the box beneath each puzzle, enter letters so that each appears only once in every 3x3 box, row, and column. When you have completed the puzzle a surprise word will appear in a row or column. (One of the surprise words is not a real word but will be familiar to LaTeX and ConTeXt users.)
1. 2. 3.
sudokuABC1 sudokuABC2 sudokuABC3

Sudoku fans may want to try Peter Wilson's sudokubundle. This LaTeX package provides a coordinated set of packages for typesetting, solving, and creating Sudoku puzzles.


Answers to the Typeface Quiz:

1) What famous novel (and the movie or movies made from it) has at least three characters having the last names of two well known type designers?

The Hound of the Baskervilles

character Henry BASKERVILLE — designer John Baskerville
character Charles BASKERVILLE
character Hugo BASKERVILLE

character Sherlock HOLMES — designer Kris HOLMES

2) What typeface has had two different authorized names, one meaning bizarre or monstrous and the other signifying a country?

Helvetica. Originally Named Haas Neue Grotesk ("Haas New Grotesque" in English) later changed to Helvetica, for the country of its origin - Switzerland, which was called Helvetia in Latin.

3) What typeface is named after the author of the first book printed in that type, a philosophical dialogue between two men hiking up a mountain?

Bembo, a 1929 revival of a typeface first cut by Francesco Griffo and first used in De Aetna, by Pietro Bembo, a dialogue in the Platonic style about Bembo walking up Mt. Aetna with his father, published by Aldus Manutius in Venice in 1495.

The first prize winner is Jan Hlavacek, who will receive a Lucida fonts license, donated by Bigelow & Holmes.

Answers to the TypoNovice Contest:

1) Palatino (Book Antiqua, a current clone, is also an acceptable answer)
Designed by Hermann Zapf
Published by Linotype

2) Georgia
Designed by Matthew Carter
Published by Microsoft

3) Bookman
Designed by Chauncey H. Griffith, based on a design by Alexander Phemister
Published by Bitstream

4) FF Dax
Designed by Hans Reichel
Published by FSI FontShop International

5) FF Meta
Designed by Erik Spiekermann
Published by FSI FontShop International

6) Bank Gothic
Designed by Morris Fuller Benton
Published by Bitstream

The first prize winner is Jan Steffan, who will receive the book Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works, donated by FontShop.

Answers to the TypoGuru Contest:

1) Tarzana
Designed by Zuzana Licko
Published by Emigre

2) Warnock Pro
Designed by Robert Slimbach
Published by Adobe

3) Hydrous
Designed by Anuthin Wongsunkakon
Published by Psy/Ops

4) Incognito
Designed by Gábor Kóthay
Published by Fountain

5) Filosofia
Designed by Zuzana Licko
Published by Emigre

6) Relato
Designed by Eduardo Manso
Published by Emtype

The first prize winner is Isaac Sijaranamual, who will receive the Indie fonts books and CDs, donated by SOTA (Society of Typographic Aficionados).

There were no entries for the Math font quiz. But there is still a chance to test your math font knowledge and win a prize: Three entrants who answer three or more questions correctly by June 30, 2006 will receive a free copy of Michael Spivak's new MathTime Professional 2 fonts ''Lite'' version ($49 value).

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