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Whole Issue PDF for PracTeX Journal 2006-1

The Editors

One of the more frequent requests made by readers of The PracTeX Journal since it started publication in early 2005 has been for a whole issue PDF for people who like to print out "the whole thing". The Editorial Board has been been torn between wanting to accede the readers' requests and not wanting to take on a task that might result in readers then expecting a for-print version that maintains traditional hard copy publication standards. Ultimately, we have decided to make available a whole issue PDF based on the following the principle: don't do anything that makes it so hard or time consuming for ourselves that we don't want to do it any more. So, what we have today is based on just a brute force print-to-PDF of the HTML pages of the journal issue merged with the articles already in PDF format. Over time we may improve our "production values" if easy, non-time-consuming ways can be found to do so.

Because this is experimental, two versions of the whole issue PDF are available (both are 5MB files).
Click on "PDF version of paper" above for a version that has no working links but has whole issue pages number in the table of contents and at the bottom right of every page after the table of contents; this version might be best for printing and hard copy reading.
Click on "Whole issue with some links and not page numbers" for a version that does not have whole issue page numbers but does have links from the table of contents to the individual articles; this might be better for downloading to your computer and reading it while disconnected from the journal web site.

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