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From Readers

I've just finished reading [Klaus Hoeppner's Strategies for including graphics in LaTeX documents] and I have to say it is the best document I've read on the subject. Clear, to the point, and extremely useful. A must-read!

Rui Maciel


I received the PracTeX postcard yesterday and I really like it — the little mouse is superb!

Gianluca Pignalberi

[Gianluca was a Distractions contest winner. Be sure to enter one of the contests in this issue and possibly win a postcard or one of the first prizes. -Ed.]


[Jim Hefferon's Minutes in Less Than Hours: Using LaTeX Resources] I, too, had to write my own minutes class — there are some classes out there, but the ones I looked at were oriented towards European-style minutes, which are a bit different from the minutes I was producing.

I did some things the way Jim did, but there are a few differences that might be of interest ... My minutes class may not be usable as is since it has a number of nonstandard dependencies, but there may be some ideas in there worth cribbing. If I ever get around to making my own class more generic, I will probably steal some ideas from Jim's class, as well.

Claire Connelly
Harvey Mudd College


[Andrew Mertz and William Slough Beamer by Example] This is a very useful paper. The authors are correct that the beamer user's guide, while admirably complete, is daunting at first glance. My sense is that one of the barriers to wider use of LaTeX is a lack of someone to hold the beginner's hand during those first steps. This article, and the PracTeX journal generally, are a great deal of help.

John Burt
Brandeis University


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