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From Readers

Enjoyed reading this (John Burt's Using poemscol), especially the examples -- I read them to my wife, who recalled similar problems in classical Chinese literature. I think poemscol is valuable and hope John Burt can publicize it to those who need it.

David Elliott
University of Maryland


Congratulations on the PracTeX Journal! I'm very pleased to see it, and (as a TeX user since 1986) find it well worth browsing and selectively reading. I'm surprised as a TUG member not to have known of its existence before issue 3. Maybe I missed earlier notifications. But I suggest regular reminders should appear in TUG e-mails.

My suggestion is that some way for readers to make themselves a print issue might be found. I think I'm not alone in doing a huge number of tasks at the computer screen, but being averse to including reading -- of journals, magazines, or articles of more than a page or two -- among them. Given a way to make a PDF (or Postscript, or dvi) of a whole issue I would take that opportunity, print off a copy (two-sided, maybe 2-up as well), read the paper version and file it on my shelf of TUGboat issues.

I realise that this may be tricky to implement, as the Journal appears to be made up partly of html and partly of pdf. But I think I remember a variety of xml solutions to this sort of problem appearing in TUGBoat itself.

Charles Goldie
United Kingdon

[We're continuing to look into this, Charles, and we may have a full issue PDF available sometime in the future. -Ed.]


Re: Ask Nelly What is Lyx answered by William Adams.

I was very pleased to see that LyX now runs natively on Windows. I wonder if it is time to include it into TeXLive or ProTeXt?

Another great application, which I see as a sort of sibling of LyX, is the graphics editor IPE. Its development mirrors that of Lyx: it has been around for a long time, it has been rewritten recently using QT toolkit, and it is available for Unix-based platforms and Windows. It has similar relationship with TeX as does LyX. I wish there was more cooperation between the two projects.

Again, I think it would deserve an inclusion in TeXLive or ProTeXt, as well as an article in PracTeX.

Jan Hlavacek
Department of Mathematics
Saginaw Valley State University
Michigan, USA

The latest version of LyX now supports MS Windows "natively", so Ruurd's port is pretty much obsolete. See for details. The important point in the installation instructions is that you want to get all the external components (MinSys, Python etc.) installed before running the LyX/Win installation.

Philip A. Viton
Ohio State University

[This was a new development that occurred after I wrote the answer. However, this only seems to work if one has Win2000 or later --- people who are still running Win98SE seem to be left at using something earlier. -- William Adams]

[The TeX Live project contacted the authors of the new Lyx Windows version, and they report that it is still a bit unstable. When it's more mature, this Lyx version may be included in a future TeX Live release. -Ed.]


What would be very helpful would be a short paper written in apa style. I know there is an apa style in LaTeX but a current example of the above is needed and would be greatly appreciated. If you check the lyx help mailing list I'm sure you will find this topic mentioned many times.

Mike Reavey

[See an APA (American Psychological Association) style example in Ask Nelly in this issue. -Ed.]


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