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Christina Thiele


This section is about news from other user groups, news about TeX, and anything else that seems `new'.

Under User Group News, there is a report on the Italian TeX users and their upcoming conference in Pisa this October. There is a photo report on the Polish User Group's recent BachoTeX conference. From the international TeX Users Group there are several items: the results of the recent election for TUG president, a summary of the members meeting that took place at the Practical TeX 2005 conference in North Carolina in June, the upcoming TUG 2005 conference in Wuhan, China, and updates on TUGboat publishing policies and the TeX-Live software release.

Christina Thiele has been a TeX user, mainly focussing on linguistics and the humanities, since 1983, and a TUG member since 1986. Her typesetting company (Carleton Production Centre, in Ottawa, Canada) was begun in 1991. Other TUG activities have included TUG president (1993-95), and editor for the 4-year duration of TTN ("TeX and TUG News"), from 1991 to 1995. She is currently active in the ling-tex and yandytex lists, as well as the TUGboat production team. Send TeX news items and correspondence to mailto

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