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Word to LaTeX for a Large, Multi-Author Scientific Paper

D. W. Ignat


The scientific journal Nuclear Fusion received a manuscript for a large review article in many sections, each formatted in MS Word. The journal's policy for reviews required a translation to LaTeX, including the transformation of section-based references to a non-repetitive article-based list. Saving Word files in RTF format and using rtf2latex2e accomplished the basic translation, and then a perl program was used to get the references into acceptable condition. This approach to conversion succeeded and may be useful to others.

David Ignat is an Editor Emeritus of the Nuclear Fusion journal of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria. During his tenure at the IAEA he was largely responsible for web publishing of the journal, and introduced regular expressions and scripting to the operation. A regular user of LaTeX since 1986, he can be reached at mailto

[This article will also be published in an upcoming issue of TUGboat.]

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