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Integrating TrueType Fonts into ConTeXt

Thomas A. Schmitz


TeX has a reputation for being difficult when it comes to font management. Many people (mainly those who haven't used any flavor of TeX in a long time) still think that only Computer Modern is available for typesetting in TeX, and there is a consistent rumor that integrating fonts is terribly difficult. While it involves a lot of steps, most of it is handled by automated tools and can be done even by inexperienced users. This tutorial will give step-by-step instructions on how to integrate TrueType fonts with your ConTeXt-installation.

Thomas A. Schmitz is Professor of Classics at Bonn University, Germany. After his last book project, he became so dissatisfied with the infamous word processor from a Redmond-based software company that he took the plunge and learned to use ConTeXt, a very nice TeX macro package. And he hasn't looked back ever since. Thomas can be reached at mailto

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