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\begin{here} % getting started:
     Topic #1: Creating my first LaTeX article, Part 2

Tim Null


This is the second in a series of columns on the preparation of a simple and short LaTeX article. The main topic of discussion is techniques for avoiding and resolving LaTeX errors. It is proposed that working to minimize risk is a good strategy for new LaTeX users. Techniques for reducing risk are offered. The topic for the simple example article will be introduced, and the topic will be related to the philosophy of risk minimization. The information presented in the first begin-here column is reviewed in an included appendix. This material is re-presented in a different and, hopefully, clearer format.

Tim Null is a freelance LaTeX consultant providing a full range of services including production management, copy editing, math formatting, and digital artwork preparation. He is also a member of The PracTeX Journal Editorial Board. Contact Tim at mailto

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